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My name is Maria Arellano and I am the artist for Maribella Portraits.   I am a child portrait photographer located in the North Houston area, but I love to travel all over the state!

Maribella Portraits is on a mission to deliver a message to all girls and that is that “Girls can achieve anything.” My pictures go beyond timeless treasures.  They’re proof that these girls became who they dreamed of being, and that for the rest of their lives, they will have the confidence to succeed at anything they set their minds too.

Every girl I have seen is beautiful, and not only based on how they look. They are smart, strong, and fierce. This is what I tell them with every click of my camera, and that confidence flourishes before my eyes. It can't be taken away, it is inspiring and contagious.

I specialize in children, teen, and women's fine art & fashion photography.  My passion is to create specialized sessions for your child. It lets me bring together my artistic vision, fashion, and stand-out trends to give you and your child a great experience. There is no lack of creativity on my end, and my mind never stops spinning with unique and fun ideas!

I offer a boutique experience which includes a personal consultation, professional hair & makeup, and personal ordering appointment.

I promise to give my clients a portrait session that is completely tailored to their unique personality. My main focus is to capture their essence and identity in an artistic way.

I also help models establish a visually appealing portfolio at a budget that works for you, so that you can update at a reasonable cost.

For photographers I offer continuous learning, one on one mentoring, workshops and shootout opportunities. Just message me for the information; I love to help!

For each client I have worked with, inwardly I want to say, “Your whole life is ahead of you. Look forward to growing and living life at its fullest!” I don’t speak those words, but I don’t need to. By the time we’ve finished our sessions, that message has been shared between us. The experiences we have together create something stronger than words, and something stronger than even the pictures that we develop. What we create is an ideal. It is an ideal that says, “You are important. You are powerful, you are wonderful, and you shine so brightly. No matter what life may bring, you are important, and now you know it.”

I want to pass this message on to you. I’m here to help girls of all ages, sizes, and personalities. No matter what kind of girl you are, I want to create these memories with you. That is my calling, and that is why I have more than just happy clients. They are also cherished friends.

So enough about me, tell me about you! How do you want to be photographed?



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Maria of Mairbella Fashions, LLC is a Houston child fashion photographer located in Houston, Texas. Maria creates strong and fierce portraits of girls, teens and women. Serving Houston, Cypress, Spring, the Woodlands and surrounding communities.