7 tips to stay motivated, edit your images in a timely manner and keep your sanity.

Avoid Burn Out!

For many of us taking photos is the part that we are most excited about. This is why we started shooting to begin with, am I right? Then comes editing, which depending on who is choosing the images or how many images you have to edit, can be a daunting task. Have you ever been excited to edit a gallery, only to end up rushing thru the editing process because, well “life” happens; and now your deadline is fast approaching! It’s at this point we find ourselves with an abundance of images to edit, and if you are a busy studio, more shoots scheduled and an even longer list of pending task piling up.

These are the moments where you want to just get it done but have no idea where to find the perfect balance of time, income, and delivery. Editing is for most of us a huge part of our job. So, before we ball up on the living room floor and hide under the covers, let’s see how we can avoid burning out and hating our career choices.

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