I made a mistake | I forgot to tell you these women are real!

I made a mistake! So, I  ran an ad on my Facebook page and I wanted to showcase some of my favorite work! Of course I chose my beautifully stylized fine art portraits which featured gorgeous women!

I had so many comments from people saying things like
“Of course it’s easy to photograph beautiful people” or “where are the fluffy women?” or “where are the regular people?.” 

You know what i should have done? I should have clarified in my post that absolutely every single one of those images was of a previous client.

My facebook Ad houston photographer

That these are real women, living real lives and in their own seasons of womanhood.

I want to be open in sharing about sharing the struggles that all women face. I love to do so by sharing the stories my Goddess clients and Goddess Mother’s share with me. 

I always ask my clients to get real with me, to show me who they are, their struggles their success and failures. Why? Because I love capturing the person in front of me. If it takes 45 minutes to get to who you really are; then it takes 45 minutes. Through tears, and hugs we create magic.

As I’m looking back now on my life as a photographer, mom and wife, I am filled with pride and joy. To be blessed to create memories with such amazing women. 

So, to start I want to share with you some of my favorite Goddess Sessions. Women ages 30 to 62 years old.

I want you to see them, as I see them. As Goddesses, and warriors who, like you and I are working to be the best versions of ourselves. Women who are trying to find a little balance, and who for one day chose to embrace their femininity, and gift themselves a little self care. 

Text me today! Let’s talk about your Goddess Experience


maria arellano