Child Fine Art Photography | Houston Photographer transforms children into living dolls

Houston Photographer specializes in child photography | Turning children into living dolls

I love turning my little subjects into living beautiful dolls.

I get to dress them in gorgeous dresses and play with their hair. It takes me back to my childhood. It makes me happy, and as a mon I think about how much our little girls change.

How today could be the last day your baby lets you help her wash her hair, pick out an outfit, or help her tie her shoes.

As they grow do you think about it? Do you think "Is this the last time?”

As much as you probably tell yourself to enjoy this moment, to slow down, to breath it all in, the days continue to run thru as fast as running water.

There is no way to slow it down, no way to stop it.

I want to share with you some of the most beautiful little dolls who have commissioned their own portrait wall art.

So, you should spend a day with her in my studio, play dress up and record one special moment in your lives because it could be your last.