5 Creative Ways to Use Your Photos to Decorate Your Home

5 Creative Ways to Use Your Photos to Decorate Your Home

Displaying photographs in your home is a perfect way to cherish memories of happy times and events. If you are like most people, you take photos everywhere you go. With the technology available today, we have the ability to take photos with our smartphones and print them for display as we please. Below are a few ideas to help you be creative when displaying your favorite photos of loved ones throughout your home.

Traditional Frames


Traditional Frames

You can’t go wrong with traditional frames. A traditional frame can be used to display your favorite photographs in a variety of ways. You can choose one frame color to create a cohesive look in your home or opt for vibrant colors, with frames in a variety of hues to create a standout display. Traditional frames come in all shapes and sizes, so you can display smaller photos as well as larger items.

Metal Prints

If you have photos of a vacation or event to display, or perhaps of your children, then a gallery wall is a great way to display your favorite memories. You can create a gallery wall in many ways. Choose a cohesive look by using the same style and color of the frame. Go wild and create a gallery wall filled with color by purchasing frames that are of every color of the rainbow. Create texture by selecting frames that have a decor element. No matter what your style, you can find a selection of frames that will go well with your decor look. Mix in signs with your favorite quotes, small mirrors, or other funky shaped objects or letters for added decor.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Another unique way to display photos, that you may not be familiar with is metal prints. Take your photos and have them turned into metal prints, with thick aluminum sheeting that will last a lifetime. The photo will be durable and able to withstand sunlight and the elements. Your picture will have more dimension and depth when printed on metal, with the option to have a gloss coating for added shine.


Gallery Wall

With big canvas prints, your creativity can come alive. You can have canvas prints made of vacation photos, of your favorite hobbies or of pictures of your favorite places. Canvas photos can be printed in large sizes, so you can easily create a statement piece in the home. Professionally taken photos are best for larger canvas prints as the overall quality will be more suitable. Use a big canvas print above a fireplace or bed for a beautiful focal point.


Do you enjoy a rustic, homey feel in your space? If so, clothespins are a great way to display your photographs. Take a large empty frame and string wire or yarn across the frame back and forth. Then use small clothespins to attach your favorite small prints, in a 4x6 size. Easily change out the prints for new images when you attend a new event or update your photos. This look can be created in many ways with several different materials to create a unique look in your home.

Houston Classic Family Portrait

With all of the choices you have in finishes and ways to display your portraits, you want to make sure you remember the most important thing. That our memories with time become our most valuable processions. Let me capture your family and keep them close for a life a time.