Houston Dance Photographer | Dancers don't need wings to fly

Houston Dance Photographer | Dancer's don't need wings to fly


If you are a recurring visitor to my blog, then you know my love for dance is equal to my love for photography.

It is a passion that has never ceased nor been satisfied more than when I was a fine art major at The University of Texas at Austin.  Our lives change and with that opportunities, challenges and new endeavors take us away from our original goals and dreams. 

With photography I managed to go back to my artistic roots, to not only capture beautiful moments in portraits, but to create art that inspires me and makes me proud. I also, get to see these beautiful girls in this amazing moment. Loving life with the whole world there's for the taking.  

Dancers are by far my favorite subjects. I love when I find out that a dancer is interested in a portrait session with me. My head immediately begins to imagine and create her portraits like it's dance choreography. Having a dance background has also allowed me to understand how to freeze their movements, what to look for in their technique and how to capture their beauty. 

This beautiful dancer is among my favorite dancers to photograph. She is stunning and beautiful in her movements. We also captured some playful fashionable portraits of a teenager whose sweet energy is captivating.

I introduce you to our Urban Dancer. 


Houston Urban Dancer