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Cypress Photographer says MOM’s need a photoshoot| Mom’s get out from behind the camera and take a proper photo!

I have had a blast traveling all over the country photographing some of the most beautiful girls and teens. It is always an adventure getting to know a new client and her children. Most often moms are excited about having a creative and edgy portrait commissioned with me.

I find so often these moms are missing out on being photograph with their kids. On the rare occasion when they do get in that picture it is a quick snap with their phones.

Each time I try to persuade mom to commission her own motherhood portrait, and rarely do they take me up on this offer.

A couple of months ago I traveled to Utah on business and while there decided to take a couple of clients. I spoke to a beautiful young mother who appears to have it all. A beautiful family, handsome husband and head to toe perfect 10 looks. Talk about dream client!

She has the most beautiful little princess, yet I think we went back and forth on wether to proceed with a motherhood session or not, all the way up until the weekend before my trip.

There is a lot of guilt and shame going on with moms. It’s not exclusive to age either! Moms everywhere are feeling the pressure to balance it all, and along that we sometimes turn into our tired frumpy nightmare.

No, there is nothing wrong with that, and in fact 99.9% of the time you will see me with a bun on my head and big t-shirts on. Because I have to get things done, I mean business. I am not alone in this… Why can’t moms catch a break?

First to volunteer at your children school, bringing the perfect meal to the potluck, and having children in bed by 8pm. Where is a mom supposed to fit in a little self care? On the flip side heaven forbid you take the time to look your best when you leave your home, suddenly you are selfish or conceited. Don’t you dare post any pretty selfies of yourself either!

It absolutely makes me mad to hear all of these comments. I know they happen, because so many women before me tell me why they can’t book a Goddess Session.

“What am I going to do with all these photos of myself?” as if by putting little investment towards a beautiful portrait is somehow selfish? Or hanging photos of yourself a statement of conceit?

I will tell you what, by merely taking the time to call me you are being brave. You are also defying a society that tells you to put yourself last. Because honey if you don’t have that flat stomach with baby soft ski after giving birth, then it’s all over and you need to just wear your Mom jeans like a coat of honor.

Why can’t we embrace our imperfections and still want to glam it up once in a while? Why can’t we be frumpy, messy, frazzled and also feel sexy?

Ok, so what is my point? My point is that yes you should be photograph with your kids, and your family. Put me down on your calendar to set up that annual family portrait (trust me you will love it).

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The Big Reveal

But, before you go on about your day. How about I share with you an amazing photoshoot I had the privilege to capture a few weeks ago.

I met a Mother and Daughter Duo that I have fallen in Love with! Two Goddesses who hadn’t had their portraits taken together in I believe 15 years?

They are beautiful, dazzling and I love the images we created together!

The icing on the cake is here is what Mom had to say!

Maria and her makeup artist were absolutely AMAZING! I have never had such amazing photographs, but always wanted some. she is worth every penny! she really made our beauty come to life in her photos. I can't say enough good things about her. She styled our outfits, posed us perfectly and the finished photos are perfect! I am SO glad that I went to her for these lifelong memories. You won't be disappointed! Hire her!


So you see, your kids aren’t to grown up to be photographed with you, and you are ready to have a portrait taken right now, as you are today.

Call me! Let’s plan your photoshoot today 832.997.1287

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