The Woodlands Fashion Photographer | Black Widow Editorial Shoot

Model: Samm Powell

HAMU: Christian Villanueva

As Described on the ID Channels Website:

Surely you've heard tales of "black widow" killers — cold-blooded, calculating women who dispatch a spouse of a boyfriend, and sometimes more than one. Who are these femme fatales?
Spiders of the genus Latrodectus are known as black widows because the females kill and consume males as part of the mating ritual. Unfortunately, that lethal pattern sometimes is mimicked by the human species. Over the years, tabloid newspapers, TV shows and true-crime books have startled us with tales of "black widow" killers, cold-blooded and calculating women who've dispatched a spouse or boyfriend — sometimes more than one.

- Excerpt from ID channels definition for the Black Widow Killers and some of their stories can be found here:


When putting together this concept I found the perfect model to play the role of the beautiful innocent bride who would lure her prey, an un suspecting male who would fall head over heels for her alluring beauty.

But, beneath that seductive blue eyes and pale porcelain skin lies a killer, a sociopath.

Enjoy my interpretation of this femme fatale.

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