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Around here (my Maribella Word) there's no room for boy stuff only.  Now, I know I don't have as many boys on my blog as I would like too, but part of the reason is that I am a little bit of a feminist. Not your stereotypical type of feminist, but the girls are powerful and let's push ourselves to the next level type of feminist.

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You want to play sports that are associated with boys? Go for it! You want to climb trees, play with trucks and learn boxing? Why not?  

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My work is driven by a dedication to help girls shift how they perceive themselves. Yes thru photoshoots and social activities involved in our sessions we work on our confidence.  We build friendships, play positive role models,  smash through limiting beliefs, and karate chop self doubt. 

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Maribella Portraits is on a mission to: inspire,  entertain, encourage, motivate and empower little girls and young women to live their best life now.  Through positive group themed sessions and media content, I am able to reach many young ladies. 


Our "Girls Not allowed Editorial" Features these stunning beauties in quote on quote "girlie" dresses being playful and doing sports mostly associated with boys.  

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cypress family photographer
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Cypress Family Photogrpaher Bridal Dresses

Thanks to Monbebe Lagos for allowing us the use of her gorgeous dresses in this adorably fun photoshoot.