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Girls Not Allowed | Houston Fashion Photographer Disagrees

Maribella Portraits is on a mission to: inspire,  entertain, encourage, motivate and empower little girls and young women to live their best life now.  Through positive group themed sessions and media content, I am able to reach many young ladies. 

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Houston Child Fashion Photographer | The Golden Cage

The Golden Cage” photoshoot is inspired by feelings of entrapment. Feelings that we create ourselves, or are build around us. Many times birds will not fly because they don’t understand that escape means freedom, as all they know is their life in captivity. A metaphor for our lives, our fears, our own criticisms of others, and pigeon holding people. Spread your wings and fly, release yourself from all the chains that are holding you back. No matter how perfect, rich, or beautiful the cage may be, it’s still a cage.

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